The creative work that you put into your project long before ink hits paper on a printing press is extremely important to you.

We want to work with you in bringing that creation to life. In order to do that, we use a PDF workflow for all our prepress processing. We are confident that our workflow will keep the integrity of your files, and provide you with a product you’ll be truly excited about.

In order to create the best print-quality files, we have developed some helpful documents that will provide recommendations for optimal File and PDF creation. Ensuring the quality of your print files means ensuring the quality of the final product. Please click on the appropriate download below. These PDF creation instructions are based on Mac Adobe Suite applications. If you are working in Windows, Adobe Suite applications will have similar dialogue boxes.

We are fully setup to receive electronic files via FTP, e-mail (file size limits of 11MB) or disk.

Please contact our Customer Service Reps for information on how to send files via FTP or e-mail.